Bore hole and Large Diameter Drilling

We utilize either the Schraam 450 or Super rock 5000 for our Borehole and Large Diameter drilling. Their drilling capabilities are between 150 meters to 500 meters.

We operate all of our RC units with either Hurricane 750/1000 PSI Booster units which are capable of producing 24/35 bar and either IR 900/1070/1170 Ingersoll Rand compressors which are capable of producing 24bar.

Together if required the combined units produce 50bar of pressure.

Orezone Drillingoperates all types of configurations from track mounted to truck mounted units.

Rod size Depth Rating Meters
Schraam 450 / Super Rock 5000  
6’’ 460 meters
8’’ 350 meters
10 - 20’’ 120 meter